Wednesday, December 9, 2009


hi i am Nate I am learning to lucet and use a spool knitter my mom is teaching me I like it but I give up too easy at times. I have adhd too. I am 9.

using the knitter

using the lucet


  1. Hi Nate! Hey, it looks like you're doing a fine job of lucetting & spool knitting! I understand about the ADHD, because my 2 boys have it, too. It's ok if you lucet a little at a time, because it takes so much concentration. You're doing better than me. I never did get the hang of spool knitting!

    Bravo!! (clapping)

  2. I am so proud of you my lil dude!! I knew you could do it! You just gotta keep at it sometimes. You told me you are gonna lucet tomorrow, I hope you do and you Shannan and I can sit together and be creative :)
    I love you
    I am so proud of you bud